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To meet the variable needs of our customers castings in size, shape and alloy, we have a diverse equipment list that includes three different cutoff options, four finish blasting medias (Aluminum oxide, Stainless steel wire, steel shot, bead blast), straightening presses and Investment Castings - Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel & Iron Investment casting, which is also known lost wax casting or precision casting, refers to the formation of ceramic around the wax patterns to create a multi or single part mold to receive molten metal. This process utilizes an expendable injection molded wax pattern process to achieve complex forms with exceptional surface qualities.

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KICastings, a division of Kairit Precision Machinery, is a high-precision metal casting foundry providing investment castings in stainless steel, brass, carbon steel, and other alloys along with low-pressure aluminum die castings, gravity and sand casting. Precision Stainless Steel Investment Casting Custom Metal Precision Stainless Steel Investment Casting Custom Metal Foundry Machinery Parts Custom Precision Lathe Milling , Find Complete Details about Precision Stainless Steel Investment Casting Custom Metal Foundry Machinery Parts Custom Precision Lathe Milling,Professional Low Cost Oem Precision Aluminum Investment Casting Parts Competitive Price Sand Casting,Qingdao Stainless Steel Casting Stainless Steel Investment CastingStainless Steel Investment Casting. All the stainlesss steel castings in CFS Forge are customized by investment casting process. With investment casting, we can offer stainless steel castings within 0.05kg-70kgs. Besides, the tolerance can be controlled within ISO8062 CT5-CT6 level, and the surface finish can reach around Ra6.3.

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May 28, 2018 · Although producing a casting component in stainless steel will often be more expensive than other steel castings due to the higher cost of stainless steel and expertise required during stainless steel casting process. But Stainless steel castings can give the advantages of longer service life and less maintenance costs for equipment. Stainless Steel Investment Casting - 300 Series Precision What are the Advantages of Stainless Steel Investment Castings? Stainless steel's biggest advantage is its excellent corrosion resistance. Unlike other materials, stainless steel investment castings have a built-in chromium oxide layer that provides exceptional anti-corrosive properties. These corrosion resistant properties make stainless steel castings ideal for military, medical, and industrial Stainless Steel Investment Castings - ThomasnetAug 12, 2021 · Custom manufacturer of precision stainless steel investment castings. Grades include 410, 416, 304L, 309, 310, 316 austenitic and 410, 416, 420 and 431 ferritic stainless steel. Stainless steel investment castings are corrosion resistant in liquid environment, vapors below 1200 degrees F temperature and heat resistant in above this temperature.

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Stainless steel castings 304 has excellent corrosion resistance, and is easy to process and shaped.It can be applied to various household and commercial applications, include:Kitchen workbenches, sinks, chemical containers, food processing equipment, automotive and aerospace applications, construction materials, architectural decoration and modeling, etc. (304L stainless steel castings is very similar to Stainless steel investment casting, machining and casting Investment casting is an industrial process based on lost-wax casting, is also called precision casting. Unlike other casting processes, investment casting produces net shape parts with a smooth surface and dimensional accuracy. At Tianhui Machine company, We produce a lot of machining and investment casting part with very competitive price.Stainless Steel Investment Castings Investment CastingsStainless steel investment castings are corrosion-resistant when used in liquid environments and vapors below 1200°F (650°C) and heat-resistant when used above this temperature. There are differences between wrought and cast versions of stainless steel.