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Valiant V200, Fury, Dart 440, Lancer 770, New Yorker, LeBaron:4: FIXME I don't know anyhting about where the stamped numbers are or what they mean Small Block The ID pad is a flat machined pad at the front driver's corner of the block, just below the head. It can be hard to read, sometimes obscured by the exhaust manifold, or years of oil B-Body Tony's Parts1966-69 B-Body Heavy Duty Leaf Spring Lower Leafs, with Numbers Used on Hemis and 440s. #2539795 & #2539965 Just Add to or Replace These on Your Current Springs to Be Correct $135 / Pair 1968-70 B-Body A-Pillar Trim Moldings

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In the mid 60s the muscle car battle between the Big Three automotive manufactures was getting heavy. With the success of the Chevrolet 409, GM was planning to unveil the 427 for the 1966 model year.Ford had already released their 427 in 1965 to do battle with the already very popular Chrysler 426.So Chrysler decided to raise the bar another notch to fight the competition by developing the 440 Engine block ID pad decode For C Bodies Only Classic Nov 17, 2020 · Some people say it means "truck" and others say it means Trenton assembly plant. The sites that have decode keys don't even list a T in their index of letters that would come after the 440. How to Identify a Small Block and a High Nickel Block on a Remove the water pump and timing cover from the front of the engine. Identify the block casting just above the crankshaft main journal. Note the numbers you see there. They indicate the block's nickel and tin content by volume. If you see both an 010 and 020, the block has 10

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The B package added power windows, power antenna and cruise control. A/C was an option on any car. The optional hardtop required an A or B package in 1990. (The hardtop is now available for any model as an accessory) An automatic transmission was available for any model, and an optional limited slip differential was available for cars with a Paper Sizes A comprehensive resource listing all paper Passport 35 × 45 mm 2R 64 × 89 mm LD, DSC 89 × 119 mm 3R, L 89 × 127 mm LW 89 × 133 mm KGD 102 × 136 mm 4R, KG 102 × 152 mm 2LD, DSCW 127 × 169 mm 5R, 2L 127 × 178 mm 2LW 127 × 190 mm 6R 152 × 203 mm 8R, 6P 203 × 254 mm S8R, 6PW 203 × 305 mm 11R 279 × 356 mm A3+ Super B 330 × 483 mm View All big block mopar identification questions The H.A.M.B.Jan 12, 2005 · Member. you can tell the B motors (350, 383 and 400) from the RB motors (413, 426, 440) by the deck height. Look at the flat portion on the front of the block next to the distributor. if it is basically flush with the rest of the block, then it's a B motor, if that same area is raised, then it's an RB. Also the RB motors are noticibly wider than the B motors on account of the taller deck.

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"B" typically measures about.375" (3/8") All 440's cast before '76 and some after will have these main saddle support measurements. This includes ALL 2536430 (1966-72) blocks, ALL 3698830-440 (1973-74) and some 4006630-440 (Late 1975-79) blocks. I have also found 426 Hemis, Max Wedges and even Mopar's megablocks to also use these measurements.