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competence regarding the production of high carbon wire rod in cooperation with some of the biggest special steel producers in the world. In this article an overview of topics regarding high carbon steel production is reported and a more detailed description about the most innovative in-line technologies for rolling mills is presented. High Carbon Steel Wire Rod Importers and Buyers List in C ~ 0.7% non-alloy steel, hot rolled, 5.5mm diameter, uncoated, plated or coated, not suitable for manufacturing welding rods and reinforced concrete (high carbon steel wire rod 5.5mm swrh72a) 147 / quarter 4 (january 31, 20)

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2.1 HIGH CARBON STEEL WIRE RODS, hereinafter referred to as wire rods, means semi-finished hot rolled carbon steel products with a circular cross-section in the form of coiled wire, with a chemical composition and symbols as specified in Table 1 or Table 2. 2.2 COIL means a wire rod of continuous length without joints, wound into a coil. JIS G 3521 SWRH72A SWRH72B High Carbon Steel Wire - Spring Wire Rod material :SWRH72A, High Carbon Steel, Carbon Content :0.65% - 0.72% Be used to produce compression spring , torsion spring, extension spring , wire form, etc. Wire diameter :0.30 mm - 10.0 mm Tensile Strength / Standard :DIN17223 B class, C class, EN10270-1 SL, SM / DM, SH / DH JIS G 3521 SWB SWC ASTM A227 KINOMOTO UNITED STEEL CORPORATIONJIS G3507 Carbon Steel Wire Rods for Cold Heading and Cold Forging

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Low carbon wire rod 5.5/6.5mm SAE1008, 5.5mm SAE 1006, wore rod diameter 12.70-27.12mm. High carbon wire rod diameter 5.5mm-13mm. SWRH62A high carbon steel wire rods -- Shanghai Royal SWRH62A high carbon steel wire rods is in the Japanese Industrial Standard JIS G3506:2004 .The steel wire rod JIS G3506 shall be classified into 21 grades . Royal offer such grades like :SWRH27,SWRH32,SWRH37,SWRH42A,SWRH42B,SWRH47A,SWRH47B,SWRH52A,SWRH52B,SWRH57A,SWRH57B,SWRH62A,SWRH62B,SWRH67A,SWRH67B,SWRH72A,SWRH72B,SWRH77A,SWRH77B,SWRH82A,SWRH82B. Steel Wire Rod-SWRH82A real-time quotes, last-sale prices The wire rod of SWRS82B features stable chemical composition,Low harmful elements,minor decarburization,good surface quality,high sorbite percentage,homogeneous properties along the coil and excellent drawing performance.And it is mostly used to produce bridge cable.The wire rod of SWRH77B and SWRH82B is mostly used to produce high-strength and

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Apr 27, 2017 · Product:SWRH62A high carbon steel wire rods SWRH62A high carbon steel wire rods according to JIS G3506:2004 . The wire rods shall be classified into 21 grades .Jaway Steel ltd can offer a wide range of grades as below :symbol of grade Chemicial composition % C Si Mn P S SWRH27 0.24-0.31 0.15-0.35 0.30-0.60 0.030 0.030 SWRH32 0.29-0.36 0.15-0.35 0.30-0.60 steel wire rod swrh62a, steel wire rod swrh62a Suppliers WIRE ROD Wire material:low carbon steel, high carbon steel Diameter:5.5mm-30mm Coil weight:1100KG-1200KG Coil inner diameter:850mm-950mm Coil outer diameter:1100mm-1200mm Application:could be the material of metallurgy products such as nails, galvanized steel wire, spring steel wireSWRH72A high carbon steel wire rods - steel-jwSWRH72A high carbon steel wire rods is in standard JIS G3506:2004 .SWRH72A is used for the manufacture of hard draw steel wire,oil tempered steel wires,hard drawn steel wires for prestressed concrete,galvanized steel wire strands,wire ropes,etc.