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Cost Of Illicit And Legal Drugs Sold On The Street

cost of cocaine:$20-30/quarter-gram; cost of crack cocaine:$10-20/.2 grams; cost of meth:$15-20/quarter-gram; cost of molly (MDMA/Ecstasy):$20-25/one point Learn more about the cost of illicit drugs sold on the street. Cost Of Legal Drugs On The Street. Legal drugs are also sold all over the United States and may be sold by: Heroin and cocaine prices in Europe and USA dataUNODCUnweighted average, in US$ 88 . 92 . 99 . 92 . 93 . 96 . 92 . 95 . 96 . 82 . 82 . Weighted* average, US$ 86. 92. 94. 84. 82. 87. 83. 86. 87. 74. 75. Weighted* average, Euro. 68 . 67 . 64 . 61 . 62 What Keeps Cocaine from Being Made in the USA? by We will use Colombia as the counterpart for comparison to the United States throughout this article, as a producer of both potatoes and cocaine. According to the latest statistics, a farmer in Idaho (the principal potato-growing state in the USA) receives 10.5 cents per pound of potatoes while the retail price is 72 cents per pound a 686%

Cocaine retail prices (street prices), US$ per gram

Weighted average, in US$ 149173 146 106 118 119 117 93 94 86 63 59 62 70 75 73 68 74 80 72 Weighted average, in Euro 120136 113 91 99 91 93 82 84 81 69 66 62 61 58 54 52 51