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shear) to SHS columns using the Hollobolt and Flowdrill fasteners. The capacities of the bolts and the SHS face are sufficient to withstand a predominantly shear load and the limited tensile loads Behaviour of beam-to-tubular column angle connections as the flowdrill process [6-7] and special bolts with sleeves designed to expand inside the tube [8-9]. A simpler blind-bolt design is the Hollo-bolt, proposed by Lindapter International [10]. In particular, the wide availability and ease of use of the Hollo-bolt have motivated a number of experimental research studies on Hollo

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Bolting to HSS Members. By Jason Ericksen, SE. FORSE Consulting, Technical Consultant to the Steel Tube Institute. Welding is generally used for connections to HSS members. However, there are also methods for bolting to HSS members. The main challenge for using bolts with HSS members is access to the interior of the member conventional Cyclic behavior of endplate connections to tubular columns Oct 01, 2017 · Hollo-bolts were used in specimen C6HB to examine the influence of bolt types on the connection behavior. In a previous tensile test on hollo-bolts conducted by the authors, it was found that the hollo-bolt is susceptible to shear failure of the sleeves, leading to decreased tensile capacity when compared with the traditional high strength bolt. Design Of Connection Of Diagrid Of Hollow Square Section Jul 12, 2021 · 'Flowdrill' and 'Hollo-Bolt' are two particular forms of bolt suitable for use with SHS or RHS sections (see Section 6.10). Alternatively, brackets or fins can be welded to the RHS column to provide direct bolted connections.

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the Flowdrill and Hollo-Bolt systems are also included. Design procedures are provided for:(a) Beam to beam and beam to column connections Partial depth end plates Full depth end plates Fin plates (b) Column splices Bolted splices, which may be cover plate or end plate type. (c) Column bases Steel plates welded to column shafts. Performance of T-Stub to CFT Joints Using Blind Bolts Flowdrill (Flowdrill B.V., AK Houten, Netherlands), Hollo-bolt bolts, such as the Hollo-bolt and Flowdrill fasteners. The capacities Presented here are the results of double-sided joint tests carried out to confirm the monotonic tensile response of this original con- Performance of T-Stub to CFT Joints Using Blind Bolts with Oct 10, 2015 · It is possible to design nominally pinned connections (intended primarily to transfer vertical shear) to tubular columns using blind bolts, such as the Hollo-bolt and Flowdrill fasteners. The capacities of the bolts and the tube face have been shown to be sufficient to withstand the shear load as well as the limited tensile loads arising from structural integrity requirements.

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[7] British Steel Tubes & Pipes:SHS jointing:flowdrill & hollo-bolt (British Steel Tubes & Pipes, Britain 1997). [8] ATC-24:Guidelines for cyclic seismic testing of components of steel structures (Applied Technology Council, Redwood City (CA) 1992). Seismic performance of concrete-filled SHS column-to Jul 01, 2020 · The behavior of blind bolted concrete-filled RHS column splice joints subjected to eccentric tension have also been investigated, and hollo-bolt leg failures were not observed either. Wang et al. experimentally investigated the failure mechanism of hollo-bolts in end-plate connections to SHS column under progressive collapse scenario. It was noted that the hollo-bolts were pulled out from the column (Corus) SHS Jointing - Flowdrill and Hollo-Bolt Drilling SHS Jointing Flowdrill & Hollo-Bolt Flowdrill&Hollo-Bolt. Flowdrill & Hollo-Bolt Jointing for Hollow Sections Flowdrill and Hollo-Bolt give a choice of two methods to produce bolted joints in Hollow Sections. Both systems offer the following benefits:q They produce bolted joints of structural capacity in Hot Finished Rectangular Hollow Sections (HFRHS). q They minimise the change in the fabrication