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With over 30 years of practical steel and aluminum processing and metallurgical experience, DGS Metallurgical Solutions, Inc. can provide a full range of in-depth technical consulting services to the oil, gas, primary metals and OEM industries. Areas of expertise Aluminum Castings The Aluminum AssociationThe first commercial aluminum products were castings such as decorative parts and cookware. Though produced through a centuries-old process, these products were considered new and unique. Aluminum Casting 101 The process of casting aluminum. Casting is the original and most widely used method of forming aluminum into products.

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22 rows · Electropolishing Service for Aluminum Aluminum is used more and more today due to the Aluminum Tubing Services Versitle & Durable Perfect for The aluminum manufacturing process implements two operations:The Bayer process extracts aluminum oxide from bauxite, an ore containing aluminum oxide and other metal compounds. Once extracted, the aluminum oxide is left to crystallize and then heated to form pure aluminum oxide. Award-Winning Aluminum Forging Process Aluminum We have developed an award-winning process for aluminum hot forging that uses rapid infrared heating to give aluminum enhanced physical properties such as improved fatigue life, fine grain microstructure, and faster response to heat treatment. Queen City Forging uses IR heating technology to reduce energy consumption and lower energy costs up to 50%.

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IVD. The ion vapor deposition of aluminum is a vacuum plating process which ionizes and deposits high purity aluminum.The process is similar to conventional plating operations, in that it requires strict preparatory steps, processing time and finishing measures for parts to have proper coating adhesion, uniformity and smoothness upon completion. Metal Finishing Chemical Processing ServicesMetal finishing is the process of changing the surface of an object, for the purpose of improving its appearance and/or durability. This can be accomplished through mechanical finishing & various chemical processing methods, which allows a surface to be altered so that it can achieve certain properties and meet the desired specifications of the end user. PCC Aerostructures - Alloy ProcessingChromic acid anodize is a vital process in providing additional surface protection to aircraft

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US Anodize provides aluminum anodizing services, like anodizing Type II & III, bright dip, hard coat, immersion, & surface coating, for OEMs in a diverse set of industries. IMP is a quality metal finisher specializing in color anodizing and chemical brightening of aluminum. Your Basic Guide on How to Anodize Aluminum Parts Aug 13, 2020 · Anodizing is a common finishing method used with a selection of nonferrous metal materials. This includes aluminum, titanium, and magnesium. It involves an electrochemical process that transforms the outer surface of metal parts into a durable and highly corrosion and scratch resistant layer. The process is also highly decorative.Plating Aluminum Services Advanced Plating TechnologiesOct 15, 2013 · Plating aluminum is a specific subset of plating that is complicated by the fact that aluminum rapidly oxidizes when exposed oxygen to present in the atmosphere. When plating on any metallic substrate, two basic steps must occur:1) clean the oils, grease and nascent shop dirt from the surface of the product, and 2) remove the metal oxides present on the surface of the parts.