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Thickness Available to Substrate:3 Quartz: One of the most important steps in the 1X photolithography process is mask alignment. A mask or photomask is a square glass plate with a patterned film on one side. The mask is aligned with the wafer, so that the pattern can be transferred onto the wafer surface. Each photomask must Glass photomask Selba S.A. - GenevaGlass photomask We produce our photomasks in Sodalime glass or quartz (fused silica) in several precision ranges in order to best meet your needs. Our team will advise you on the manufacturing process of your photomask to guarantee a product suited to your requirements.

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SUBSTRATE SPECIFICATIONS. SIZE:Square or Rectangular Shapes up to 50" or 1270mm. THICKNESS:0.020" - 0.220" (0.5mm - 6mm) (non standard thickness is available upon request) SURFACE:All Plates are polished on both sides and inspected to be free of glass defects > 5 microns. FLATNESS:<15 microns / 100mm x 100mm Mask Cleaning Photomask Services Photolithography B. Glass substrate:silica fused quartz, soda lime glass, B270, wafers and custom substrates Material and substrate selection are based on the specs of your design requirements. They may vary by application. Please inquire today for free consultation and review of your photomask. Photomask Talk Photomask Services Photolithography Usually, the photomask plate size is larger than the substrate to be exposed. Standard Photomask plate sizes are as follows in Inches:1. 2.5x2.5x.060 6. 6.0x6.0x.090/120 2. 3.0x3.0x.060 7. 7.0x7.0x.090/120 3. 4.0x4.0x.060/.090 8. 9.0x9.0x.090/120/230/250 5. 5.0x5.0x.060/.090

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A variety of substrate materials:quartz, fused silica, soda lime, bora silicate, etc. iron oxide, aluminum, titanium, gold and emulsion; Plate thickness:.020 to .400 (10mm) In-House Metrology. NIST traceable accuracy of ± 1 µm over 600mm. Engineering Services. Custom machining and coatings for any of your photomask applications. Recycled Plates - Glass PhotomasksRecycled Photomask Plate. 6" x 6" x 0.120" (L x W x D) Learn More. £22.00 As low as £15.40. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. 3" x 3" x 0.090" Quartz Plate. £30.00 As low as £7.00. Recycled Photomask Plate. Telic. Thin Film Deposition/Photomask Blanks Supplier.Photomask Blanks/Aluminum. Substrates:Applications:- QUARTZ (SYNTHETIC FUSED SILICA) - LASER ABLATION MASKS Substrate Specification. SIZE:Squares:2" through 7" THICKNESS:0.090'' - 0.250'' (non standard thickness upon request) SURFACE:All plates polished on both sides & inspected

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Photomask types Light shielding Mask size Glass Substrate Pellicle Application Pattern ratio; Reticle:2 layer chrome (Binary) 5" or 6" Quartz:Applicable or not applicable:Step & repeat exposure equipment (Steppers/scanners) 5×,4×,2.5×, 2×,1×, Working mask ~ 9" Quartz or Soda lime:One shot exposure equipment (Aligner) 1× US6413682B1 - Synthetic quartz glass substrate for A synthetic quartz glass substrate is prepared by annealing a synthetic quartz glass member having a higher hydroxyl content in a peripheral portion than in a central portion, machining off theQuartz Glass/Silica CoorsTek CorporationLarge-Scale Photomask Substrates for Producing LCDs. The T-4000 series of synthetic quartz glass is extremely pure, with metal impurities less than one-tenth that of ordinary quartz glass. The glass is highly homogenous and contains few striae or bubbles, thus yielding excellent ultraviolet transmittance.